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Default 2013 Allen & Ginter Break, part 1: The Hits

Hi guys,

I convinced the wife that a case of A&G was a good thing for us to rip together, and I'm pretty glad I did. She enjoyed herself, and we got some great cards. Being that it's late, I'm only going to post the hits here, and I'll update with the minis, etc tomorrow.

Some of this is for sale, with prices listed in the B/S/T section:

Base Autos:


Josh Reddick

Paul Goldschmidt

Nick Saban

Ed O'Neill


Will Middlebrooks Redemption

Rip Cards:
Josh Hamilton 25/25

Yeonis Cespedes/Rickey Henderson 04/05

Original A&G:
Order of the Golden Spur, Holy See 1/1

The only thing not for sale is, oddly enough, the Ed O'Neill auto. If you're interested in buying anything, shoot me a PM. I'm not interested in trading, sorry.
Always looking for low # Eric Young Jr and Andrew Cashner cards!

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