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Default 2013 A&G - Double Rip, Rip, Pele, Saban, Calipari Autos

All prices delivered, insured, with sig confirmation over $250. Please add $2 for shipping under $10. I'm somewhat flexible on prices for multiple cards, let's see if we can work a deal. I'm not looking to trade, unless it's for a 2011 Marquee Museum Ryan Braun auto /10.

Rickey Henderson/Yoenis Cespedes /5 Double Rip sold

Josh Hamilton Rip 25/25 ripped

Paul Goldschmidt auto sold on eBay

Pele Blue Auto sold on eBay

Nick Saban Auto sold

John Calipari Auto $45

Chris Mortensen Auto sold on eBay

Ed O'Neill Auto $45

Original Order of the Golden Spur, Holy See Sold on eBay

Relics $3 each, add $2 for shipping under $10:

Verlander, Scherzer, Fielder relics have been sold

Roy Jones Jr Relic $5

Bobby Bowden Relic $5

Always looking for low # Eric Young Jr and Andrew Cashner cards!

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