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Default basketball - 2012-13 National Treasures NBA 3 Box Case (7 cases)

I was a week late to the game due to my own fault, but on August 7th I opened 7 cases of 2012-13 National Treasures NBA.

Nothing is for sale here. Everything is, or will be soon, for sale on eBay. (see my eBay link to the left) The better hits end Sunday Aug 11th and Sunday Aug 18th. I ship international and domestic, free combined shipping, free shipping on the monster hits, no reserve auctions all starting at $0.99. And I never end auctions early for any offer.

Sales Results:

Just about everything is sold as of 08/19/2013. Sales results are:

Product - 2012-13 National Treasures NBA
Gross Sales* - $14,024.77
Number of Auctions - 113

* Gross sales is the total value coming out of the cases I opened. It does NOT include cost of eBay/PayPal fees, shipping costs, time spent, or any other costs. It simply measures the total amount of money generated from the sale of the cards from this break.

My Opinions:

All cards are thick like the UD Exquisite cards. I'm not sure of the exact pt, but it's something larger than 138pt. This is totally new for Panini, at least for basketball products. They used to have base and jersey hits that would fit into 109pt, and the prime hits would fit into 138pt. Now all cards, base, jersey, prime, every card I pulled is the same thickness, somewhere are 140-150pt.

Again, the quality control is absolutely fantastic. There is at least one thing that Panini does right (I think there are many more than just one), and that is the fact that when you buy a product from Panini, more than likely you are going to get some very clean cut cards from a QA standpoint. Even the hard signed cards are just clean and crisp. I think I saw one very minor dinged corner out of 7 cases. Wow.

It is clear that Panini has been holding back a lot of prime patches, especially Jumbo patches. There are very few rookies this year with patches, Gold Standard has some, but they are small patches. NT opened the patch flood gates. There are so many fantastic patches in this product. Of course all the RC’s are event worn, which is true for every manufacturer in every product. But all other non-RC patches are game worn.

There are some really great on cards auto’s in this product. Of the Rookie RPA’s are all on card auto’s. But more than that: Notable Nicknames, Champions Signatures, ABA Legends, Springfield Bound, all these insert sets have on card auto’s. This is fantastic. Some of these cards are just stunning, beautiful. And these insert sets are filled with super stars and legends.

The RPA’s #’d to /199 don’t bother me at all. Exquisite RPA’s are commonly #’d to /225 and they hold value very well. I don’t think /199 will limit the long term value of these RPA’s at all. It all depends on the patch and the performance of the player. If they play well and the card has a nice patch, the /199 RPA will be a highly desired card for years to come.

There are a lot more NBA logoman patches in this product than in previous years. Many of the logoman cards are #’d to /2, /3, /5. This surely adds value to those who open and sell right away, like me. It may also be nice to those collectors who open boxes/cases, as it increases their chance of pulling a logoman card. However, the long term affect this will have is unknown. It is true that many collectors who buy singles want logoman #’d to /1 and no more. Yet, the logoman in this years NT are stunning cards, just absolutely beautiful. It’ll be interesting to see how they hold collectors attention in years to come.

There was a lot of negative discussion about the printing plates before release, especially on Blowout Cards Forum. Some were arguing that the plates have little value or interest, especially since many of the plates are from products other than 12-13 NT NBA. Many also seemed upset that the plates counted as one or two of the box hits. I totally disagree with that negative assessment. I thought it was cool as hell to pull plates from past products such as 09-10 NT NBA. It brought back a lot of nice memories about that product and the cool cards that came out of it. Some plates are from base cards, whereas other plates are from logoman cards, that adds a nice touch. It gives collectors another card to chase after. Imagine the plate for the RPA Logoman of 09-10 James Harden! Very cool to see those plates in circulation now. They belong in collectors hands, not in a storage room at Panini headquarters.

/My Opinions

Pull Rates from 7 cases (21 boxes):

(21) Kobe Anthology header cards

(42) Printing Plates 1/1, the nice thing about the printing plates is that Panini seems to have only included star/legend plates (EDIT: I've heard from others that there are many plates of bench/roll players, so my plate hits very very lucky)

(25) Base Cards:
  • (15) /99
  • (7) /25
  • (2) /10
  • (1) 1/1
(22) Rookie Patch Auto’s:
  • (10) /199
  • (6) /99
  • (4) /25
  • (1) /5
  • (1) 1/1 Logoman
(30) ’11 vs. ’12 RC Dual Auto’s:
  • (14) Bronze /99 (some are /49)
  • (11) Silver /49 (some are /25)
  • (3) Gold /25 (some are lower #’d)
  • (2) Green /10
More pull rate information coming soon… but really does anyone care, so much is already known about this product. You probably just want to see the cool hits...

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