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Originally Posted by alexlazarevich View Post
No Tobias RPAs, sorry about that.

I'm getting swamped with PM's, I do not have time to reply to them all. I do all my business on eBay, everything will be for sale there. I'm sorry if that doesn't sit well with some members of this forum.

By the way, the cards freaking look amazing. The T Rob is just beautiful. There is some streaking on the left side of the auto, looks like he thumbed the card right after he signed it. The patches are out of this world. The Carmelo patch, it's just huge. It's clear Panini was saving up a ton of uni's for this years NT. In my opinion they really delivered. That's why everyone is busting this product open like gangbusters.

It's a great time to buy singles on eBay...

I agree the cards look amazing!!
I am very happy to scoop up singles right now!!
I only wish they would have collated the product better and would get rid of the stickers..
I posted on here b/c I am sure your inbox is full..
No Harris RPA?? What is the world coming to!
Thanks for showing us your hits!!
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