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Default Topps Announces Autographed Redemption Subjects for 06-07 FINEST NBA

Topps Announces Autographed Redemption Subjects for 06-07 FINEST NBA

Topps is pleased to announce the subjects for the Autograph Redemptions for 2006-07 Topps Finest Basketball. For the first time in 06-07, Topps seeded autographed versions of their very popular NBA Draft Redemption cards into packs of Finest.

To verify which subject a redemption card is good for, collectors can match up the 3M Authentication Stickerís serial number (on card back) with the range list below. The subjects, including autograph exclusives Greg Oden, Yi Jianlian and Brandan Wright, and their serial numbers are as follows.

Base Autographs:


6250001-6250131, Acie Law IV #d to 129

6250132-6250332, Javaris Crittenton #d to 199

6250333-6250431, Yi Jianlian #d to 99

6250432-6250630, Daequan Cook #d to 199

6250632-6250729, Greg Oden #d to 99

6250730-6250828, Brandan Wright #d to 99

6250829-6250927, Nick Young #d to 99

6250928-6251026, Thaddeus Young #d to 99

6251027-6251155, Al Thornton #d to 129

6251156-6251354, Rodney Stuckey #d to 199

X-Fractor Autographs #d to 10:


6251355-6251364, Acie Law IV

6251365-6251374, Javaris Crittenton

6251375-6251384, Yi Jianlian

6251385-6251394, Daequan Cook

6251395-6251404, Greg Oden

6251405-6251414, Brandan Wright

6251415-6251424, Nick Young

6251425-6251434, Thaddeus Young

6251435-6251444, Al Thornton

6251445-6251454, Rodney Stuckey

Printing Plate Autographs #d to 1:


6251455-6251458, Acie Law IV

6251459-6251462, Javaris Crittenton

6251463-6251466, Yi Jianlian

6251467-6251470, Daequan Cook

6251471-6251474, Greg Oden

6251475-6251478, Brandan Wright

6251479-6251482, Nick Young

6251483-6251486, Thaddeus Young

6251487-6251490, Al Thornton

6251491-6251494, Rodney Stuckey

SuperFractor Autographs #d to 1:


6251495, Acie Law IV

6251496, Javaris Crittenton

6251497, Yi Jianlian

6251498, Daequan Cook

6251499, Greg Oden

6251500, Brandan Wright

6251501, Nick Young

6251502, Thaddeus Young

6251503, Al Thornton

6251504, Rodney Stuckey
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