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Default BO Sketch Card Artist Directory

I figure having a list of sketch card artists that are board members here on BO can only be a good thing. If you are an artists and you disagree, PM me and I'll happily remove your name/ID from the list. If you are one of the many artists I left off the list, just post your info below and I'll update as needed.

Jason Adams - jadams

Mary Bellamy - Mbellamy,

Aston Roy Cover - justice41, A R Cover Art Thread

Jason Crosby - JRCrosby

Ted Dastick Jr. - dd316,

Van Davis - vandavisart, Van Davis Art Thread

Pablo Diaz - Pablo,

Mark Finneral - monster

Autumn Frederickson - Autumn

Mick & Matt Glebe - GlebeTwins

Chadwick Haverland - CHaverlandArt, Chadwick haverland's custom sketch variants

Val Hochberg - Valval

Scott Houseman - scotthouseman

Robert Jiminez - Zerostreet

Frank A. Kadar - FAKadar,

Gary Kezele - G4RY

Jim Kyle - AsylumStudios

Lak Lim - Lak Lim,

Russ Maheras - rmaheras

Chris Meeks - chris meeks

Rich Molinelli - MankindRam

David Rabbitte - DavidR, David Rabbitte's Art Thread

Juan Rosales - jrosales, My Leaf Best of Hockey Artwork

Amber Shelton - ashelton,

Jason Shoemaker - JasonShoemaker, Jason Shoemaker's Art Thread

Danny Silva - dsilva, Danny Silva Art Thread

Mike Thomas - mikecthomas

Brad Utterstrom - bradu, My Leaf Best of Hockey Sketch Cards

And since this thread never got a sticky, but is a very valuable resource...

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