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Default 2013 Allen & Ginter Case #2 - Framed Original 1/1

Case #2 was not nearly as exciting as the first case, and the autographs were terrible, but two sleeper hits in the final two boxes may have saved the break.

Everything hits eBay for auction at 8:30 pm tonight, but I will sell here if anyone wants to pay my asking price up front.

Only the big stuff:

A&G Framed Originals (1889 Eider Duck) - #'d 1/1 ($150)

Babe Ruth (Ext Mini 382) Yellow Printing Plate - #'d 1/1 ($100)

Madison Bumgarner RIP #'d 50/50 - Ripped into an Adrian Gonzalez EXT Mini (a break even I guess?) (Gonzo EXT $70)

Nik Wallenda Auto ($35)

McKayla Maroney Framed Relic (SOLD)

Topps Serie 1 BB - TOTAL SPENT: $6,215.00 ---TOTAL SALES: $9,480.86 --- ESTIMATED NET ROI AFTER FEES: $1,654.11 (+27%)
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