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Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
The latest batch: TTM #24/35

Luke Jackson c/o Myrtle Beach Pelicans in 30 days

Phenomenal success from the Rangers' #9 prospect in a system overflowing with talent. A former 2010 first round pick, Jackson has put it all together this year, crafting a 2.23 ERA with 114 K's in 109 innings. He was just promoted to AA, so he must have signed these for me on his way out the door. His auto on the BC is massive, the "J" pretty much goes top-to-bottom on the card!

aww so cool! I just sent to him recently. I'm hoping him and Cisnero will get back to me soon

I think jackson being at Frisco now, and with Cisnero being in Houston you're getting them faster then me since I am way out in CT and you're closer in CA. i suspect i'll get them this week, i'm not sure what happened with Sardinas but I'll just try him ip in sprint training

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