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Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
aww so cool! I just sent to him recently. I'm hoping him and Cisnero will get back to me soon

I think jackson being at Frisco now, and with Cisnero being in Houston you're getting them faster then me since I am way out in CT and you're closer in CA. i suspect i'll get them this week, i'm not sure what happened with Sardinas but I'll just try him ip in sprint training
Yeah that makes sense. It could also just be bad luck if we sent then more than a few weeks apart.

The latest batch: TTM #27/35

Patrick Leonard c/o Bowling Green Hot Rods in 14 days

There was a discrepancy of about 11 days between the stamped date on my SASE and the date I received this (usually it's like 2 days difference), which tells me that this got caught at the bottom of the mailman's bag and he didn't notice it until now. I hope that doesn't happen too often...
Anyways, Leonard came to the Rays' system in the Wil Myers trade, and entered the season as their #20 prospect. He has struggled overall since then, but has managed 23 doubles, 8 HRs, and 51 RBI.

Giants, Giants, Giants! Send me a PM if you have Clayton Blackburn to sell!!!
Also looking for rarer, non auto Kyle Crick stuff!
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