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This topic is out of left field, and is probably better suited for the "Off Topic" board, but since we all send out a ton of requests I thought I would throw this out.

I was visting my mom last night, and she told me a story that has me stunned. She works at the local University, and her office has a lot of student workers. They were sending out correspondense to certain donors, and the student workers were asked to help. She told me that several of those workers don't know how to address an envelope or where to put a stamp. She told me that one worker put an entire book on stamps on one envelope thinking that's what it took to mail one. I know we live in a digital age of text messages and emails, but some of these kids can't send a letter?

On a kind of similar note, my niece and I were doodling one day during a family get together. I wrote something in cursive and she couldn't read it. I found out the schools here don't even teach cursive writing anymore. It seems like snail mail is dying a slow death.
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