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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
that makes me sick a little about the envelopes. I can understand the cursive writing. I am only 25, and my little brother is 21. I was taught cursive, and he wasnt. I also see why they arent teaching it anymore in some places. You cannot write official documents in cursive, and you are never asked to handwrite anything anymore. Print is at least readable, cursive (like my grandma writes) is extremely hard to read. Some of the kids in my classes write their assignments in cursive and I have trouble grading them. Those usually take me at least twice as long to correct. I always ask for printed assignments.
I guess I'm just shocked at what I think kids should know versus what they actually need to know. Some things like hand writing letters are out of style, but everyone should at least know how to do it. . .or maybe I'm old and out of touch!
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