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No one of those "snipe bids" was my bid again at 75 at the last second to try to win it at 50 he'd shilled it up to the day before (I had had to cancel my initial bid rather than let him continue to shill me all the way up even higher because I placed such a high initial bid at the start.) Then there was the other high winning last second bid. I'm just saying you take out those shill bids from 12.50 all the way up to 71 and then and only then is it a legit straight auction. Maybe it still goes for 77, maybe it doesn't, but it's hard to take anything away as far as the true current market value of the card when the person selling it (presumably) shilled the card up 90 percent of its final selling price with a zero feedback bidder with 98 % of his bids with this seller out of 60 total bids.

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