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Originally Posted by Tai View Post
I have a quick observation and question. I noticed lately that a ton of commons are being listed on the site which of course is up to COMC to accept or decline but they are listed way below the lowest price to even list. The ones I saw were newly listed but at $0.09 or so and I just can't understand why someone would be willing to pay money to just give away cards. I mean you can just donate them and write it off or just throw them away. So my question is: If you work at COMC do you get to list your own cards for free? or is there someone who just likes to give money away? I don't want this to be taken as a negative comment/question but it doesn't make much sense.
I notice all the base/commons going up too. I do refrain from sending those in. Really can't do much when it costs you .15 a card and then try to sell at .25 once the buyer figures in their shipping it prob isn't worth it for them to even purchase so you sit on them and basically give away at some point. I do think some folks send in commons so people can fill their sets all at once and from one place and others just send in to get them out of their house but that is my opinion.
The staffers pay to get their cards up but they get a discount. Tim mentioned it somewhere in one of his posts from way back when.
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