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Originally Posted by Zerostreet View Post
Speaking for myself....I, of course, want fans to like my cards. That's definitely a cool thing. These are the first cards I've done. I committed to the lowest amount simply to ensure I can put my all in each one. If you visit my site, or facebook page, you'll see most of my work is paintings, along with a bit of sculpture. I feel comfortable painting and wish I had the time to do all of them like that. I'd like to think that if I continue to work on card series I'd continue to give them the same care.

Gotta say I also really apprciate how alvin has been promoting the artists, the sketch cards and the series!! Thanks!
Honesty is always the best way to promote a product. Tricking people never helped anyone (unless you're just looking to make a quick buck-- but in this case I want fans to give continued support so we can do a second and third series-- and beyond).

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to get people to support the product, but I'm trying to do so by being forthright. I'm not going to try to make wild claims other than that we've worked really hard to make a great set.

There will always be some people who are unsatisfied-- whether because they got some bad pulls or some bad luck, or their case had collation issues and were missing hits-- or even because there are some people who can never be pleased-- but if nothing else i want to make sure those people are not unsatisfied with what we *tried* to do.

Whether we accomplished what we set out to do is ultimately up to you guys.
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