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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
that statement right there has me more terrified of ordering a ton of MA than anything i have read - by FAR.
Say what you will but i'm not going to lie to you to get you to buy more. Many collectors are driven by how much monetary value they place on a sketch, which as a fan, I do not. It's always exciting to pull a masterpiece, but it shouldn't be an expectation.

To me, as long as I can tell that an artist put some care into a sketch than I can appreciate it, even if it's not a style I like. At worst, I can trade them to someone for something I'd rather have.

Keep in mind that most fans buying cards are not as discriminating, and get excited just pulling a sketch card, even if it's not a Gary Kezele or Sean Pence or even a full color card.

That said, i've seen some real duds, too, and can understand some of the gripes against certain cards, and we're doing what we can to avoid that this time around. I dont like seeing artists do 2 second doodles any more than you do.
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