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There are plenty of low value cards that I cherish in my collection. Several of the artists I really enjoy regularly sell for under $20 on eBay. I love it. Its awesome that I can get cards I really like for such a bargain. What I'm complaining about is not only the inclusion of absolute duds but even more so the fact that they seem to make up 25-50% of the sketches in many of the products, while the mini-masterpieces make up only 5-10% and fall less than 1/case. The bell curve distribution is way off.
I have read a lot of what you have said and I think yours is a mentality I completely understand and agree with (though I am no longer a collector myself).

My comments were never addressed to you, nor to anyone in particular. Just that i've seen guys online (not just here) rip into some nice sketch cards just because the artist only spent 10 minutes on it instead of all day, and only used a pencil, or only use black and white, or only drew a head.

Those may not be masterpieces, and they may not yield big money, but they're good cards and are still exciting to pull.

My first ever sketch card was in the mid-90s, a Joe Sinnot Nick Fury-- it was a B&W head (with a cigar!) and I remember being floored that I pulled it on the ONLY PACK I ever bought from the set. I still regret giving it to a friend years later.
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