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Huge mail day successes today...SIX came in today, my biggest return day yet...

Gino Marchetti signed 1/1 (I got him before but it did not turn out well...this one looks great!) signed in blue sharpie

John Cappelletti 3/3 (73 Heisman) signed all in blue sharpie

Joe Bellino 2/2 (1 card, 1 index card) signed in black sharpie with "Heisman 1960" inscription

Gary Beban 1/1 signed in blue sharpie with personalization and "67 Heisman" inscription.

Two Super Bowl Bears autos came in today...

Gary Fencik signed 2/2 adding a personalization and "#45 SB XX" inscription

Matt Suhey signed 2/2 in red sharpie...he also sent me back a note thanking me for my nice note and adding that he had a lot of fun playing in a great city, and adding best of luck.

And golf...
Lee Trevino signed 2/2 in black sharpie

I will try to add scans later!
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