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Originally Posted by Cactuspies View Post
how do you feel about todd now? Or are you not current? he looks like anthony michael hall to me for some reason

hank is hank. if you were DEA wouldn't you want to keep moving up the chain and making youself the best you can be? The blue meth was his baby. He knew that Gus was bad way before anyone else did. He was nearly killed when he went to el paso and scarred from that. he was shot and nearly paralyzed, walt tossed them in a car accident, his wife is a klepto, sister in law is a 4 letter word that rhymes with hunt. There has to be someone in that show who can keep to who they really are. The latest episode does show some chinks in the armor though.

I missed the Talking Bad and we forgot to record it, so I don't know what was talked about or given away for spoilers, if any.
I never liked Todd really, just wanted to watch because he had been on Friday Night Lights.
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