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Originally Posted by Jacquo1972 View Post
I like everyone on the TTM board, and I certainly don't want to offend anyone, but out of Oregon's 500 different uniform combinations, can't they find one that's not butt ugly? LOL

Good luck on your current project, Dan.
as an oregon ducks season ticket holder, lifelong duck fan, and oregon native, I have heard it all. I (being bias) actually like the uniforms. Everyone is always up in arms about their uniforms, but that is our tradition. Like the Maze and Blue, the Crimson and Cream, the Carolina blue or the 100 uniforms that never change the ducks tradition is innovation and change. If you have ever been to their campus you would see innovation mixed with tradition. On one block you have the notorious frat house used in Animal House, then you have the Onyx bridge on campus that is one of the most bizarre structures ever erected. I can see where most would dislike the ducks uniforms and climate, but its something I embrace and love.

Ps. The ducks are coming out with a one time only special edition uniform for this weekends spring game in Eugene. I will be there so look for me on ESPN hopefully I will have a pile of TTMs to open when I get home.
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