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Originally Posted by groundsupport View Post
just watched season 2 episode 12. That's how far in I IM.

Wow... Can't believe he doesn't save her life by turning her on her side.
Originally Posted by Noahkalifungo View Post
This is what I love about Gilligan's development of Walter White as a character. The decision he made to essentially kill Jane is one that he was able to justify by telling himself that he was saving Jesse, and that they both would have eventually OD'd anyways. Honestly this is probably true, but it is yet another almost justifiable decision that pushes Walt closer to insanity. (SPOILER): Soon he will be blowing up nursing homes and killing witnesses in prison!
Vince Gilligan said in an interview that they had originally planned for Walter to 'assist' in killing Jane, but they weren't ready for him to be that evil yet. So, they chose for him to emotionally ride the fence, so to speak.
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