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Default Galactic Files case break

Pretty happy with the break overall, but strange collation. 6 autos, 12 sketches, 4 medallions, 2 printing plates, 2 golds, 12 reds and circa 100 blues.

6 autos, strangely including x2 Billy Dee Williams.

12 sketches. A nice mix in my view. Highlights for me were a stunning Charles Hall Grand Moff Tarkin, beautiful Boba Fett by Stephen Taylor, nice full colour Obi-Wan from Ashleigh Popplewell, cute Luke from Beck Seashols, Colour Clone Trooper from Gallo, detailed fine on sketch of Cantina band member by Alex Buechel, and finally a sharp cartoon Jason Solo by an artist who I can't quite place the name.

4 Medallions. MD-5 Lando/Falcon, MD-17 Darth Maul/Sith Inflitrator, MD-22 Tie Fighter Pilot/Tie, MD-28 Qui-Gon Jinn/Naboo Starship.

2 plates; no.576, Black of Zatt/ Youngling. The second one is a beauty and is from the 20 card foil set, no GM-4, Magenta of Droids in the Desert.

2 golds; no.390, 07/10, C-3PO Podrace & no.520, 05/10, Anakin Skywaker Jedi Spirit.

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