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Originally Posted by wegoingsizzler View Post
Did you buy the 2 cards together? or were they few days apart? Was the card okay?

If you bought them together, I would still leave a positive feedback but ding the DSR on shipping charge.

If you didn't buy them together, then I would leave a positive feedback and give a 4 on the DSR for shipping charge.

Both above being the card is okay.

If the card is not fine, then ask for a refund and don't leave any feedback. The seller (regardless of age) did put the card in a bubble mailer (not sure if it was top loaded and what not)... the card got to you as he technically did his job getting you the card and did a reasonable job protecting the card. So I don't see why you would leave a neutral. The packaged got ripped up in transit, and it is not the seller's fault.

They were bought 17 minutes apart. No communication, and lack of shipping updates were my reasons for a possible neutral.

First card was in a topload, I'll have to wait to see the topload.

This mailer wasn't damaged in transit. I get enough stuff in to know what sorter damage looks like, this appeared to not have been through one.
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