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Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
I think since its so deep and basically no1 on wavier...

We should maybe make a wavier pickup be able to b kept as like a 14th

What do u guys think??

Tavon 7
Percy 8
Originally Posted by Michael Miracle View Post
I'm going to pass on them. Would be interested if they were drafted a bit lower, lol. As for keeping waiver players, I think the 14th round is way too low in the draft, because anyone you would keep would likely be drafted if not a keeper. I say all waiver pickups should be kept as a tenth round pick, maybe even higher in the draft. Just my opinion though, would love to see what everyone else thinks...
Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
I think keeping waivers as a 12th round pick is good and should be kept as it currently is.
I too would vote on it being a 10th... 14th is waaaaay too low. Esp. if someone starts dropping people because they get injured and they need a pick up.
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