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Originally Posted by jmscoggin View Post
Was the experience negative for you? I'm gathering by your post that it was. Therefore, negative. No communication, overpriced shipping, slow shipping etc. The damage isn't really their fault but it was bad enough before that. I would personally send a message first and give them a chance to make it right but if it gets ignored then I would drop the neg.
Not necessarily. I think the lack of communication bothers me the most considering I gave him a few days to reply. I'd like to think that he just missed it, but with all the drama lately my mind leaps to conclusions about someone ignoring something on purpose just to make a few extra bucks.

I think I'm leaning towards a neutral or a Not so positive positive with some dings to the DSRs.

If you're gonna sell on ebay and have the time to print labels, buy mailers, etc, you should have time to check your messages....
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