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Wouldn't it have been easier to put the Team Name and Position instead of player names? So it would read:

49ers QB
49ers RB
49ers WR/TE

Or am I missing something here, since the player you receive represents the team and all back-ups anyway for both the Season and Single Games, right?

It's just a single player within the team accomplishment as opposed to a group team effort that would build a cumulative stat (i.e. if The Carolina Panthers RB's Jonathan Stewart rushes for 2 TD's and DeAngelo Wililams rushes for 3 TD's that's won't get you the RB 4+ TD prize as a team, it has to be an individual player).

Just checking to understand the rules with context and clarity. It's an awesome sounding promotion that if you think about it... it's 17 weeks of being "in the game" to win a prize, that's less than $12 per week and a little over $1.50 per day for a season filled of fun with chances to win great prizes...

Do prizes need to be claimed, or Blowout will administrate it all and proactively send out prizes each week (or post winners on the thread) and the end of the season?
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