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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
Not to speak for Alvin, but I think he saw this as a trend in comments from Tim. I think Tim was commenting on this like he does every product, though. I didn't see him being particularly negative towards this myself.

Personally, I think if you are representing a company you have to not react to the negative comments like you are a regular board member.

But I echo Aggie's sentiments that the information provided for this product has been outstanding. In fact, I went from very cold on this product to planning on opening a few cases.

So, Alvin, excellent job in promoting this
Appreciate it, Monkey. I'll admit I have hard time separating the fan from the employee at time (i've been a fan of this stuff far longer than i've worked for Topps, going back 20 odd years to my days growing up on comics and cards).

Regardless, i'm sorry if it came off as nasty, Tim, it was genuinely more tongue-in-cheek-- which I know must sound like a backtrack, but if you knew me you'd understand (of course if you're at NYCC stop by and say hi)

Anyway, here's some sketch cards I just got from Matt Frank. Like Russ, we've asked if he can expand the three-carders to four so we can put them in "loaded sketch packs."

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