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Originally Posted by ufcwecfan View Post
I'm still not sure why everyone is so high on Baez? Just like I never understood why everyone was nuts about Brett lawrie in 2011.
They were both good prospects, but not how everyone made them out to be!
I go with Sano, he will hit for Avg and power! Baez will be like rizzo with low avg but 30 hrs.
I see what you're saying but I don't really see Baez and Lawrie being remotely close in prospect status (back when Lawrie was a prospect). Baez has always been highly touted, Lawrie had to work his way there by being consistently above average through the Minors. I am in agreement with you that Lawrie was overhyped (especially his cards), but Baez is a bigger talent IMO.

I think to say Baez has WAY more pop than Sano is a pretty big stretch, as they've posted virtually the same type of power numbers thus far in the Minor League careers...with Sano getting a slight edge as far as homers go (career, not just this year).

Good discussion all the way through this thread so far, I'd love to hear some more opinions. I'll share mine later.
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