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Originally Posted by bdrr View Post
If cards were shipped separately, $3 is not an unreasonable shipping rate.

Whether the bubbles were torn en route is worth the benefit of the doubt.

If the card was destroyed, that's a different story.

At worst . . . neutral. But keep in mind that a neutral and a negative are about the same as far as eBay is concerned.
The thing is that they never should have been shipped seperately. OP said that they were purchased 17 minutes apart so they should have been shipped together. If the seller would have checked messages he would have seen the OP ask about combined shipping. He did neither. Stuff happens so that is why I wouldn't willy nilly drop a neg but give him a chance to respond and say 'oops, dropped the ball sorry'. If he continues to not respond to messages and the second card continues to take awhile to show then that isn't ok. Should it be a neg? I don't know but it would definately be warranted. I know I wouldn't be happy.
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