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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
Regardless, i'm sorry if it came off as nasty, Tim, it was genuinely more tongue-in-cheek-- which I know must sound like a backtrack, but if you knew me you'd understand (of course if you're at NYCC stop by and say hi)
Doesn't seem likely, but it would be cool to run into Tim at NYCC.

Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
I'm gonna try my best to make it. Life's been kinda throwing me some curveballs lately, we'll see.

I need some floss to go along with the toothpaste!
Floss... Check. See you in NY It would be awesome to catch up with you at NYCC, especially since you can't make the Philly NSCS. Other priorities.. I get it. Negotiate for Alvin to put you up in Artist Alley. Then you can sell some "Martians hit Manhatten" prints Or Topps could just approve you to sell them at the booth
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