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Originally Posted by fumanchu View Post
but when you see something like Elite Series at that price, don't you say to yourself....hmmmm maybe i'll skip that release?

i mean i'm glad someone does it so we can see how it breaks down but some just seem too risky. anyway keep up the good work!
It is a business strategy. And yes, it is a risky one. But my goal is to develop a rock solid consistency on eBay. There are many collectors on eBay who buy cards *from every product*. Or, there are some collectors who only buy low end sets/lots. My goal is to open all Panini NBA products in an effort to provide all kinds of NBA card collectors an option to purchase from me. I also hope they enjoy the transaction and then think to come back to my eBay store for the next release. I buy all Panini NBA products in an effort to build that consistency.

Another issue is allocations. Many manufactures like Panini will only sell a certain number of really popular cases (like NT) to a distributor. The number of popular cases a distributor can buy is a ratio of how many previous (unpopular) cases they've already purchased. Distributors then pass on this allocation ration to their buyers. So when I buy 7 NT cases, I'm only allowed to buy that many because I've purchased many dozens of cases of previous products that were less successful.

There are successful products other than NT. Prizm was a huge success. Getting a true "chrome" type card back into the basketball market was like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day: it hit the freaking spot. Select was also quite good, although not as much so as Prizm. But then there are many products that just are duds. Either it's a poor idea, or it's decent cards but just a totally over-saturated market.

One could talk about this for hours. I better stop here...

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