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Originally Posted by BoxBreaker72 View Post
The whole episode was a masterpiece. It's going to overtake the sopranos for greatest tv show of all time with this epic final season. Words can not describe just how brilliant the writing is on this show.

My only question is why did Walt want the ricin taken off Jesse? He was heading out of town and was no longer a threat... Am I missing something?

Edit- I now know what happened with the Ricin thing. It was tied back to Jesse always thinking walk poisoned the child in season 4. It took watching it a second time to figure it out.
Yeah, that's it. If you remember after Brock first got poisoned and he saw the ricin was missing he headed to Walt's house and put a gun to his head, suspecting Huell had taken it off him, but Walt convinced him of otherwise. Huell doing it again showed him the ability to do it. Think the only ricin left is the one we saw in the first episode back - the one future Walt went back on the deserted house to get.
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