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Originally Posted by aggie4ever View Post
One reason I didn't buy MA Heritage was that there were way too many sketches of Martian heads, so I am definitely liking all of the previews so far, I see lots of great bugs and soldiers and flying saucers, etc.

I also think the 4 card puzzles are a great addition, there are going to be some lucky collectors out there! Alvin, can you give us some idea of how hard it will be to pull a puzzle hot pack? I know a lot of the sketches haven't been sent in yet, so you don't have a hard count of them. But is the goal to have them be something like 1 in 10 cases?
Thanks, aggie, we made a point to show our sketch artists all of the new material such as the new giant bugs, variations on the martians, mutated monster men, robots, etc. and stress to them all the different things to draw, after seeing the feedback from Heritage sketches (see, fans can make a difference, and we do listen!).

I think last year a lot of the artists went in with nothing but the original cards as reference and so most of what you got were riffs on the cards or big martian heads. I admit as one of the sketch artists I too fell victim to that.

As for the "hot packs"...

The original plan was to just do FIFTY loaded sketch packs. We may have upped that at some point since a lot of artists are doing 4-card puzzles, but whatever the case it's going to be very rare.

That said, because the print run ended up so much smaller than anticipated based on initial orders, it may end up being less rare than we originally planned.

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