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Originally Posted by mma138 View Post
ok i kind of dont remember too much about the whole ricin thing . i remember the kid getting poisoned by it . but i cant remember why walt poisened him ?

also i dont get how jesse all of a sudden figures this out ? he all of a sudden looks for his pack of cigs ? and thinks to himself ? oh yeah walt did that to brock ? i dont get it ?

so saul was the one that took the ricin cig from jesse and gave it to walt .... and in last weeks episode walt once again took a second ricin cig away from jesse while he hugged him ?? a second ricin cig was taken from him ?

im pretty sure there wasnt a second ricin cig , what im trying to figur eout is how the hell did jesse just figure this out now ???

i said i wasnt coming back to this thread to avoid possible spoilers but i just need to know this !!! maybe someone can pm me ?
Will send a PM.
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