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i didnt really know about the official business aspect about your case breakings. so in general are you losing money overall for each year you've had this setup so for your taxes you can actually lower your total taxable income, or are you making a tiny profit so it wont add much to your taxable income? i dont wanna get too complicated here with the aspect of paying taxes but buying at the distributor cost, i dunno if that exactly evens out or what. i actually dont even know if you owe on taxes for the teaching job, i guess i assumed you did owe some amount.

i just was thinking in general if youve done this method for a few years and have lost money every year & accounting for the massive amount of time it takes to list & ship, if you still like doing it or wanna continue doing it. i just cant even imagine how long it takes to do the scanning/listing/shipping, i know i wouldnt spend that much time even if i made $10k per year from it all.

& also are you just buying a few cases of every single product regardless of its price or how it looks, because i dont think i could stomach buying any of the new elite at $180 a box or whatever you paid unless it was drastically lower than that.
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