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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
I echo this, it's been a while since I bought a hockey product, last year's Dominion to be exact. This looks good with the added Dominion packs but I'm not up to date on my hockey and am not sure who the top rookies to get would be.
The rookies is this class are not really what I would be looking for personally.

The 12/13 class has some good players, but since the lockout took place, every new player who had a debut was put in the 13/14 class. The 13/14 is a double rookie class. For that reason the 12/13 rookies are only those who debuted at the end of the last 82 game season.

Top rookies to look for in 12/13 are: Baertschi, Krieder, Schwartz, Allen, Krug, Zucker, Silvferberg.

Decent rookies are Barrie, Dillon, Nolan, Sheahan, Ashton, and Cizikas.
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