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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
Well I don't want to speak for the people who make those decisions, but my own take is this:

Yours is certainly a valid assumption, but i don't think it's as simple as that, especially for this set. Even if it sells well at the pre-order level, we need to know that fans *want* more.

There's a lot of factors that go into big decisions like another set and i'm not going to pretend to know all of them, but I know that the performance in stores is extremely important-- particularly for Mars Attacks where we're trying to establish a new ongoing franchise.

EDIT: the truth of the matter is I just want to see this thing do really really well!
I may be over-simplifying things, but I assume that sales of this set is the number 1 driver as to whether or not a sequal will be green lit. I think of it like this... For Topps, MA:H was a success. From my perspective, every Target I go to has most of a retail box full of packs sitting in the trading card section. Its been well over a year since release. I don't see any GPK or WP released during the same approximate timeframe lying around. Anyway, that is a big reason I think the pre-sale is the larger factor verses end-consumer success.
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