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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
I've found the best combination of quality and cost is Prismacolor. Pricey if you're new to it, but not as costly as Copics.

But boy, Copic markers are a DREAM! I sometimes sneak my wife's copic markers to supplement my own Blicks brand and Prismacolor markers. Prisma PB-46 i've found is the PERFECT color of the Martian suit!
I rarely worked in color back in the day, but in 1997, when I was working on a fully-authorized Steve Canyon 50th anniversary strip for the Air Force Times, I picked up 25 or so Prismacolor markers because, although the strip had been colored by a pro colorist friend of mine, a last-minute change to the strip required me to re-draw the final panels and color it myself.

It was the first time I'd ever used color markers, and one of the few times I'd done anything in color, and when I finished the emergency fix, the markers just sat there and gathered dust. Ten years later, while drawing the Steve Canyon 60th anniversary strip for the Air Force Times, I thought I'd just do the coloring myself. The markers I'd bought in 1997 still worked fine, but I still went out and bought about 30-40 more.

but then I ran into a deadline crunch, and since, at the time, I had a one-hour-each-way train commute to my REAL job every day, I tried doing the coloring of the strip on my laptop using Photoshop. The first day I managed to color three panels during my two commutes, so I put aside the markers and went with electronic coloring.

So when I started doing sketch cards for Topps last year, I already had a big stockpile of Prismacolor markers -- making the switch from watercolors to markers early on during the sketch card drawing process easy and inexpensive.
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