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What price is "down to earth" in your estimation? That is, how much would you like me to sell you my card for?

As a rule of thumb if I have a raw card priced above market I'm convinced it will grade well and so I don't want to sell it at raw price. There are, after all, only 50 of them, and I like the chances this has of becoming one of the 30 or so Gems.

There are currently two raws on eBay, one priced where I have mine and another priced less. Looks good in the pics but I can't be certain of the surface.

Maybe that's one you should take a chance on? If you score a 9.5/10 you saved $50- $100.

Might be worth a try. Best of luck! I'll be patient and get mine graded because I've already been over it with a loupe.

Shipley and Renfroe Rainbows completed. Looking for DJ Peterson GEMS, Dustin Peterson GEMS, Hunter Renfroe GEMS, Joey Gallo GEMS, and Braden Shipley GEMS in GOLD or better.
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