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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
So just making sure I get this right:

1. We're paying for a slot in the promo as a group.

2. Whatever box we get randomed is what we'll be breaking and break will be by division so each slot takes all teams in said division. (Ex. I draft AFC south so i get all Texans, Jaguar, Titan, & Colts cards from box.)

3. Whatever player we get matched up to is who we all follow and at the end of season if we win will do a break for said box?

Sorry confused as hell right now but for $26.10 I'd be willing to join if my understanding of this break is correct.
$26.10 gets you a slot in 1 Promo Group.
When it's paid for we random the 8 members in that group.
Then we draft in the of the random 1-8.
The Draft starts AFTER we find out what box the group has.
Cards are sent out after shipping is paid for.

Any funds generated by the player assigned to the pool will result in more product being broken. We will do a new random and we can decide if it will be a Division Draft or individual (Each member getting 8 teams) We can decide that if and when we win.

Hope this clears some things up.

I will add this to the OP
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