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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
It's been suggested on this board that COMC might alleviate some of these problems by adding 15 cents per card to the submission cost and reducing the packing/shipping charge by the same 15 cents.

I think this is a good idea and should be examined by COMC. It would cause sellers to be more selective about the cards they submit, it would add value to the cards which are already on the site, and it would provide an incentive for people to buy and take delivery of more cards.
This is a horrendous idea. If I had to pay 30 cents per card to list, I would likely quit listing altogether. I like not being overly selective (although I rarely send in base, just inserts and parallels). The shipping rates on here are pretty much the cheapest you can get on the internet when you consider that you can shop the inventories of 100's of sellers and then have everything shipped together for just 25 cents or less per card. Try buying what you want on ebay, let's say 100 various cards you need to fill sets or your player collection. You'll probably need to buy from at least 10 sellers @ $3-5 each (if not more). You can get those 100 cards shipped on here for $20-25 (depending on if you take advantage of the end of the month shipping special) while you'd easily spend $30-50 (if not more) on the same cards on ebay (not to mention that ebay has a fixed price minimum price of $1 so you will be saving more on the cheaper cards on COMC in the first place).
-- Andy
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