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Originally Posted by prospectorgems View Post
Was working a deal several weeks ago with gowizards0 and I proceeded to send him a payment via paypal. A week goes by and he contacts me in regards to the payment. I look at my paypal and it states that payment has not been accepted. I reply back to his message asking to confirm if the paypal address he sent me is correct and did not hear back from him for several more days.

He never said if the address was or was not correct, just stated that he had not received payment. Once again, attempted to send payment to address given, but still sat in my account unclaimed. Having completely forgot about it, I receive an email that the money was never accepted and has been credited back to my account.

I contact him one final time in regards to the payment and said that it has been several weeks since our agreed upon price and he never did anything to respond with his correct paypal address or not claiming the payment so I sent him a new offer and then I receive a neg.....real nice.

gowizards0 if you do not understand how paypal works or how to properly respond to a request to double check your email address, you should not be working out deals on the BST forum.
really wish I didn't delete those messages lol. told you several times that it was the correct paypal address
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