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Originally Posted by prospectorgems View Post
To reiterate on this subject. The initial transaction agreement took place on 7/26 so well over a month. I am super easy to work with and after several attempts to send payment I decided to send an offer on my end for the card at the current value instead of just saying "sorry, after several attempts and one month later, I no longer want the card". I did not receive a response to that, just a negative. I in fact retaliated as I felt the negative was unjustified.

I had to go back on my sent messages to see the exact time frame it all took place. I usually never have to check my paypal as I have always sent payments through fine with very few problems (only problems I have had is with new ebay sellers). So there was no reason for me to keep checking my paypal account each day.

I am really only upset about the negative. I have dealt with "interesting" buyers and sellers before, but the negative burned me as I asked repeatedly in my PM's to confirm email address and that payment has been sent.

That's my piece. If Gowizards wants to chime in, please do.
So you tried to lower the price after a month of you not getting the original agreed upon funds to the seller?
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