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Originally Posted by ekalbnz View Post
There has been some amazing sketches shown throughout.

When I first started looking through this thread I was thinking about picking up a box. Now I am looking at pre-ordering me a case in the next week or two.
That's gratifying to hear! I also suggest you check our Facebook gallery of sketches, which will give you a better sense of the overall quality of the sketches than me just posting the best ones here. I am posting batches from every artist who is sending them in, so it will give you a more honest look at what to expect.

Not trying to dampen your enthusiasm-- because we really did work hard to make the sketches in this set better-- but above all I don't want to see anyone disappointed!

That said, here's another gem from Alex Horley:

Keep in mind too, there will be more than just great sketches to hunt down this time around.
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