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Box Busters preview: 2010 Bowman baseball The Beckett Blog

We’re still sorting out everything we found in a box of 2010 Bowman for our latest Box Busters video. You’ll find a teaser gallery of cards in advance of that video right here.
The gallery is after the jump as is a full rundown of the odds.
(Note: The Jason Heyward autograph was not pulled in our boxes — it’s merely a scan of a final card posted here earlier so readers can get a glimpse. What autos will we find? Wait and find out …)

But first, a rundown of the odds:
Blue parallel: 1:17
Orange parallel: 1:35
Red parallel: 1:3,400
Bowman Throwbacks, Topps 100; both 1:2
Bowman Expectations: 1:3
USA Baseball (Chrome only): 1:4
Prospect/USA Baseball Refractors: 1:16
Prospect/USA Blue Refractors: 1:46
Prospect/USA Gold Refractors: 1:228
Prospect/USA Orange Refractors: 1:463
Prospect/USA Red Refractors: 1:2,828
Prospect/USA SuperFractors: 1:11,000
Futures Game Triple Relic: 1:402
MLB logo patch cards: 1:5,900
Autographed Chrome Prospect: 1:38
Auto. Chrome Prospect Refractor 1:96
Auto. Chrome Prospect Blue Refractor: 1:139
Auto. Chrome Prospect Gold Refractor: 1:957
Auto. Chrome Prospect Orange Refractor: 1:1,917
Auto. Chrome Prospect Red Refractor: 1:9.587
Auto. Chrome Prospect SuperFractor: 1:47,000
Auto Chrome Rookie: 1:113
Auto Chrome Rookie Refractor: 1:277
Auto Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor: 1:545
Auto Chrome Rookie Gold Refractor: 1:2,733
Auto Chrome Rookie SuperFractor: 1:141,400
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card: 1:2,013
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Blue: 1:5,700
Stephen Strasburg autographed base card Orange: 1:56,500

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