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Originally Posted by free2131 View Post
Honestly, I think that when he saw the picture of Walt with Skyler while he was in Hank's house, I assumed that he would kill either her or the children. You are probably right about the children, but I think that he wouldn't have any issues killing Skyler, who he knows in complicit with him. He doesn't have to let Hank know exactly what will happen.

In my opinion, I think that Jesse kills Skyler (maybe Hank and Marie too) and Todd's gang (with Lydia) turns on Walt and joins with Jesse, who becomes their cook. I think either Walt, Walt Jr., and his daughter use Saul's guy to disappear, or the kids get taken away once Skyler dies and Walt gets away alone. During the year between what is happening now and what little we've seen in the future, I think that Jesse becomes the "new" Heisenberg, and Walt is coming back now to try and kill him.
I can see Skyler going down, but didn't Vince Giligan say that Walt will do something unforgivable? If Jesse kills Skyler and that's what spurs his pursuit, or if Jesse goes after his family aggressively, that sort of justifies any move in reply by Walt.

They did so much to make Jesse a fan favorite and a sympathetic character, and they have wanted us to feel what he's feeling...that I still can't see it actually happening. Has he/will he consider it? I would think given the place he is right now.

I think it'll be interesting when they finally show the connection between the Walt-Jesse stuff and the stuff that's going on with Todd/Lydia. I have some theories but will think about them more before I post.

Beauty is, whatever happens, I'm sure it'll be unpredictable because this is one awesome show.
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