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It's no secret that I (and our editor) worked hard to find some new, talented artists for the sketches. But one thing I didn't say was that in addition to pulling in favors from established pros like Jeff Miracola (Magic: The Gathering) and Matt Frank (Godzilla & Transformers for IDW) I also recruited some old friends who've never done sketch cards. This one's by an old pal who grew up in my neighborhood named Darrin Pepe, and I think he's doing all color.

The space mercenary is a new character I created and designed for the story, featured in the base set. I'm pretty jazzed about it. The big monster men a lot of folks are drawing are new creations devised by our editor extraordinaire, and are one of the coolest new elements in the story, and something i'm kind of surprised (in retrospect) that nobody thought of before!
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