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clearly you have absolutely no intention of selling any of these cards, you just want to feel superior to everyone else by posting them.

Ah. Except for the ones that sold, you mean. Which would be, let's see... a Machado Gold auto rookie, a Machado Ref, a Soler Gold auto (raw), a Springer Ref 10/10 auto, a Springer 10/10 Blue auto, a Gallo Gold, a Baez Blue auto, a Butler Blue (raw), and Butler Purple (raw). Those I must have intended to sell. Naturally, the fact that I'm in Colorado has no bearing on price.

And really, I don't post the cards to feel superior. I post them to let people who may be interested know where they are.

Because then, you see, they may buy them!

Grow up. Take your inferiority issues to another thread.

I was attempting to make a realistic offer
I didn't see an offer. I saw somebody declaring publicly that he has no interest in the card, as if I were here demanding that he not only show up and be interested, but that he buy the thing under penalty of death.

Shipley and Renfroe Rainbows completed. Looking for DJ Peterson GEMS, Dustin Peterson GEMS, Hunter Renfroe GEMS, Joey Gallo GEMS, and Braden Shipley GEMS in GOLD or better.

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