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Here's what I can tell you: there are 25 of these. You have one. I have one. There's one on eBay. That leaves 22.

Of those remaining 22, I'm not certain how many are 9.5/10s. Let's say half.

That leaves 14 9.5/10s.

You just noted you aren't selling yours. Fine. That brings it down to 13. I'm selling mine, but only at the price I'm comfortable letting it go at. This is a finite market. People have to decide who they want to take a chance on and at what price. Once the one on eBay sells, perhaps mine is next up. Or maybe it's the one after that, or the one after that...

People can pay my asking price or not. If they do, great, they have one of the 25. If they don't, cool. I keep it, and it either goes up or goes down in value.

Some of my prices are in keeping with the current market; some are to assure that once the current market value rises, I'll still have the card to sell at that price point.

And the best part is, nobody is forced to buy anything, look at anything, inquire about anything, etc. It's all about free will here!

The only way to settle this: post every card on eBay as a 7 day auction starting at .99 cents! Then we all predict the final prices for each card and see who's closer!
Why do they have to sell in 7 days?


It pays off, trust me.

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