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Absolutely awesome mailday today! 4 Nice successes and 1 failure in today's mailbox...

The failure was Floyd Little...He used my return envelope and sent my card back unsigned with pricelist. Unfortunately I did not see that Raiderguy already posted this on his thread! I blame myself for that one. For anybody interested, he wants $15 for a card...

Okay, now on to the good news...

First a non-sports success...

Betsy Palmer personalized an 8x10 picture for me...she played Jason Verhee's mom in the original "Friday the 13th." The picture is of her with a knife from the movie too...very will go nicely with my Robert Englund signed 8x10 as Freddy.

Now onto baseball...

Al Kaline (HOF) signed 1/1 very nicely in blue sharpie (with donation).

Now for those of you who have been keeping track...remember the Goose Gossage fiasco where he sent my card back unsigned and kept my $10? Well, today I got the card back signed nicely in blue sharpie with "HOF 2008" inscribed. Apparently he read my letter I resent him. I did highlight "Please read" in yellow highlighter!!

And a nice football return is the best and last...

Peyton Manning signed my 2006 UD legends card VERY NICELY in blue sharpie!! It is definitely the real deal, as I have other stuff signed by him, including a 16x20 picture from Steiner. He returned my donation check as well...very similar to what happened to Raiderguy. A big shout goes out to Raiderguy, he is the one who first told me that Manning will sign with a donation to his charity site, after I tried before and got a preprint photo back. I will really try to get my scans up soon of my last couple weeks successes.
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