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I really think it is getting really annoying how many people think it is cool to chime in on people's sale threads and complain about pricing on low numbered cards.

People get so spoiled scooping up steals from case breaking junkies. They need to have some common courtesy and just move on if they are frustrated they can't scoop up some amazing cards at a low price. Complaining about the price of an orange auto of ANY player is ridiculous. Go buy some boxes, see how much in costs in wax to even hit 1 orange of any player.

Orange Autos land 1:1788 packs in 2012 Bowman Draft. At $3.50 per pack, thats $4,123 to find one! Plus it is not graded and its not the player you want.

All reason aside, I just want to re-state that is bad form to bad mouth someone's sale thread.
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